We don't need a National Anthem

It's been a while since I last posted, but I couldn't have let the memory of the 13th of April (spark of Lebanese civil war) pass without any contribution, especially that we discovered recently that our beloved National Anthem is stolen from an old Moroccan tune...
It's no big deal... In fact it's a blessing that it's stolen... This way, we get a good reason to change the anthem. Not only the music, but also the lyrics.
We should go for lyrics that are more close to reality, lyrics about debt, about corruption, about sectarianism, about war, about resistance, about lust to power, about lack of opportunities...
Oh wait a moment, this ain't correct! We can't use that! We invented the alphabet! We were mentioned in the Holy books! We are a country with a built-in glory! We are centuries... no... millenniums old! We were the jewel of the Orient!
That's harder than I thought it would we be! Choosing the right anthem is a tough task!
Nevertheless, there is a solution: let's cancel the national anthem. We don't need a National Anthem, for the simple reason that we are not a Nation!
Before the new National Anthem, we need a modernized Constitution, we need a civil non-confessional social code, we need laws to fight corruption, we need long-term planning for a better economic situation.
So dear Moroccan brethren, take that tune from us, maybe this will shake us, give us the impulse to start working in the correct direction to re-create our Nation, so we can make a new authentic anthem for it.

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