63 Years of Deceit

Credit of Turkish Cartoonist Ibrahim Ozdabak http://www.ibrahimozdabak.com/

The literal translation of Nakba is catastrophe.

I don't seem to be able to tell whether the real catastrophe which was inflicted upon Palestine was on 1948 or on the following 63 years.

Thousands of words have been said, thousands of lines have been written. Nothing, but a bunch of reminders, that the central Cause, in the Middle Eastern region is Palestine.

Nothing, compared to the millions of drops of Palestinian blood shed by the occupiers of their land.

All the wars fought, all the campaigns launched, all the negotiations efforts. Nothing but a bunch of lies, nothing but a waste of time, while the cancer spreads and firms its grip.

All the marches, all the protests, all the boycotting. Nothing but acts of remorse, and obligation towards an oppressed People.

All the fuel deals, all the weapons deals, all the naturalization of relations. Nothing but additional nails into the coffin of the Cause.

63 years ago, the executers of the Disaster, put their money on the deceptive attitude of the inhabitants of the region. 63 years later, that bet is still paying off.

In 63 years, we have done nothing to Palestine. No proper lobbying, no proper fund-raising, no proper support to the Resistance efforts and to the Intifadah.

We may be facing, an oppressor, with a whole world behind him, but that doesn't make them right.

I wish, we understand our duties towards the martyrs of Palestine, our humane duties towards oppressed brothers, who are the only activists for the Cause, who are the only ones who took real action for Palestine, and start making firm and steady plans, for a more effective activism.

P.S. This post is nothing but another deceptive attempt in the name of the Cause.

P.P.S. I hope that this post won't be updated to 64,65,...,90,... years of deceit.

P.S.S. Today, blood of peaceful protesters have been shed by the monstrous occupation army on the Lebanese-Palestinian borders. We are terribly sorry to the innocent blood of dedicated and determined and rightful protesters. This is nothing but another demonstration of the cruelty of the beast we must resist. I sincerely hope every single drop of blood will become a motive for all of us to take the right decisions and make the right effective steps. 


  1. You nailed it right: No proper lobbying!
    Silence is complicity.

  2. "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

  3. My Brother I Pray To Alla.God, That His Strenght, His Wisdom, His Love, His Peace, His Diplomacy At All Cost In A Palistinian State, His Holly Armour Surround And Enfold And Protect You, Your Family And All Of Your Loved Ones.

    From The Outside Looking In.
    May Your Wise Ones "Seek Peace And Ensue It"