My Workers

Unfortunately, my life, growing up in a middle class family, have been relatively easy, probably too easy. Fortunately I had role models, through whom I was able to experience the true meaning of life. They are my personal workers.

Since I was a child, I have witnessed my grand fathers, always active, busy working the ground, under the winter storms or the summer sun, relentless determined. I have witnessed my father, giving every single effort he has, to provide us the good living and the easy life, which hadn't been really easy on him neither on my mother, who made us her unique job, not sparing an effort to guide us, teach us, raise us, whether sick, whether tired, whether in full vigor, in every single state she was there. I witnessed my uncles and aunts, hardworking teachers, dedicated housewives, masons, bankers, army commander and martyr, strive their ways upwards without any push from anyone except for the many kicks coming from above.

In brief, these people showed me the true essence of a worker. I may not be a worker in the common agreed sense (or stereotype), but thanks to my personal workers, I was able to experience what it means to appreciate life, society, give work every single bit of efforts, to share, to be grateful...

Again, I say I've been lucky.

Workers all around the world, have experienced all these through the life's sufferings, pitfalls, disasters and misfortune. They strive and work, no matter what, because all they got, all what defines them is their labor.
Whether poor workers, middle classers, or capitalism "slaves", true workers share all the aforementioned common qualities making them worthy of the "worker" title.

In this May 1st, I have no more to give than full respect to the true workers everywhere, and especially my personal workers, and wish that one day, I will be worthy of your title.

Happy Worker's Day, true workers shall rule the whole World...


  1. Joseph, happy labor day you deserve it cz u r a hard worker...