Let Us Continue the Liberation

Israeli soldier looking from behind the borders (photo from the withdrawal day)
"The Israelis have withdrawn from the Border Strip! I'm going to the village."
May 25, 2000, I woke up on these words being said by my father.

We come from a South-Lebanon village, laying on the borders of Lebanon with Palestine. And for as long as I remember (till that day) it was living hell to go there during the summer vacation or on some occasion (that included pre-requested passing permits, walking long distances into the gateways, being subject to security checks and other insulting behaviors...).

But that day was different, we were only concerned about rumors about Hezbollah, the leader in the Resistance movement, and how would they act. That turned out to be a false concern. The contributors to the Liberation were as civilized as possible.

But 11 years later, a lot has changed on the Lebanese scene. Obviously the Israelis have withdrawn, a Prime Minister was assassinated, Syrian troops have left the country too, political assassinations, a war was fought with Israel, the army wiped a major terrorist threat, major internal armed conflict, 2 elections, shifts in a parliamentary majority. Moreover, various changes are happening in the region surrounding us (wars, revolutions, regimes toppled, regimes threatened, etc...). But more importantly, we have become more interested in making changes on the social and economical scenes.

My main interest here, is the secular and anti-sectarian movement, which, over time, is gaining in popularity and making more and more efficient moves, and that for the simple reason that I believe that this path is the best solution for our community.

The secular movement, is the new type of resistance, with a new type of rebels, fighting against the oppression and occupation of confessions and religious fundamentalism in our society. The Liberation from these restraints is a necessity, in order to advance with the country.

I totally understand Hezbollah's stance to civil laws allegedly attributed to Sheikh Qassem (which must in a way reflect the Party's stance too), and more like expected it from a deeply religious organization. In fact I admire his honesty, at least he's made it easy to activists so this way they can find means to negotiate their terms and find a compromise between their demands and the Party's. Unlike other political and "spiritual" leaders, who haven't expressed their explicit stance on these issues.

In fact, what I hope for, is that Hezbollah have an open-minded attitude, as they usually do (take for instance the agreement with Michel Aoun's Tayyar Party), to any contact attempt from secular activists (whom i sincerely hope would engage into that move) and try to help them bridge the gap separating them.

We all should work hand in hand to continue the military Liberation into a social one.


The Road Capacity Formula

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I always wonder about how we got to the standard of road lane width.

As far as I have experienced, these have almost rarely been respected (such a waste of paint on the floor) since drivers (which I have witnessed so far) manage always to neglect the separation lines and manage to fill the road to its exact capacity.

Of course you have guessed, this epiphany happened to me during my daily suffering in road traffic.

Summarizing the numbers, I managed to see a pattern.

The demonstration by observation

By a simple demonstration by observation. We get the following formula:
N = L + FLOOR(L/2) where N is the effective number of car lanes, L is the number of lanes drawn and L >= 2

The formula applied in practice (L=3)

For the meantime, I will be satisfied with this demonstration. I will be also preparing another demonstration by mathematical induction (just for the sake of being scientific, and to please my geeky self).

Your comments, counter examples or questions are mostly welcome :-D

As Archimedes said "Eureka!" (don't try to imagine me running bare-naked shouting that).

P.S. Make sure you stay civilized and ignore the usage of this Formula while driving.

[UPDATE: Demonstration by Mathematical Induction]


63 Years of Deceit

Credit of Turkish Cartoonist Ibrahim Ozdabak http://www.ibrahimozdabak.com/

The literal translation of Nakba is catastrophe.

I don't seem to be able to tell whether the real catastrophe which was inflicted upon Palestine was on 1948 or on the following 63 years.

Thousands of words have been said, thousands of lines have been written. Nothing, but a bunch of reminders, that the central Cause, in the Middle Eastern region is Palestine.

Nothing, compared to the millions of drops of Palestinian blood shed by the occupiers of their land.

All the wars fought, all the campaigns launched, all the negotiations efforts. Nothing but a bunch of lies, nothing but a waste of time, while the cancer spreads and firms its grip.

All the marches, all the protests, all the boycotting. Nothing but acts of remorse, and obligation towards an oppressed People.

All the fuel deals, all the weapons deals, all the naturalization of relations. Nothing but additional nails into the coffin of the Cause.

63 years ago, the executers of the Disaster, put their money on the deceptive attitude of the inhabitants of the region. 63 years later, that bet is still paying off.

In 63 years, we have done nothing to Palestine. No proper lobbying, no proper fund-raising, no proper support to the Resistance efforts and to the Intifadah.

We may be facing, an oppressor, with a whole world behind him, but that doesn't make them right.

I wish, we understand our duties towards the martyrs of Palestine, our humane duties towards oppressed brothers, who are the only activists for the Cause, who are the only ones who took real action for Palestine, and start making firm and steady plans, for a more effective activism.

P.S. This post is nothing but another deceptive attempt in the name of the Cause.

P.P.S. I hope that this post won't be updated to 64,65,...,90,... years of deceit.

P.S.S. Today, blood of peaceful protesters have been shed by the monstrous occupation army on the Lebanese-Palestinian borders. We are terribly sorry to the innocent blood of dedicated and determined and rightful protesters. This is nothing but another demonstration of the cruelty of the beast we must resist. I sincerely hope every single drop of blood will become a motive for all of us to take the right decisions and make the right effective steps. 


My Workers

Unfortunately, my life, growing up in a middle class family, have been relatively easy, probably too easy. Fortunately I had role models, through whom I was able to experience the true meaning of life. They are my personal workers.

Since I was a child, I have witnessed my grand fathers, always active, busy working the ground, under the winter storms or the summer sun, relentless determined. I have witnessed my father, giving every single effort he has, to provide us the good living and the easy life, which hadn't been really easy on him neither on my mother, who made us her unique job, not sparing an effort to guide us, teach us, raise us, whether sick, whether tired, whether in full vigor, in every single state she was there. I witnessed my uncles and aunts, hardworking teachers, dedicated housewives, masons, bankers, army commander and martyr, strive their ways upwards without any push from anyone except for the many kicks coming from above.

In brief, these people showed me the true essence of a worker. I may not be a worker in the common agreed sense (or stereotype), but thanks to my personal workers, I was able to experience what it means to appreciate life, society, give work every single bit of efforts, to share, to be grateful...

Again, I say I've been lucky.

Workers all around the world, have experienced all these through the life's sufferings, pitfalls, disasters and misfortune. They strive and work, no matter what, because all they got, all what defines them is their labor.
Whether poor workers, middle classers, or capitalism "slaves", true workers share all the aforementioned common qualities making them worthy of the "worker" title.

In this May 1st, I have no more to give than full respect to the true workers everywhere, and especially my personal workers, and wish that one day, I will be worthy of your title.

Happy Worker's Day, true workers shall rule the whole World...