Since It Can Be Done For Jeita...

With the hype of voting to the new 7 Wonders of World, and with all the campaigning to our precious Jeita Grotto, it occurred to me to look up the rates charged for SMS voting (because you know, after all, that's why this campaign is being done, i.e. incite patriotism, in a large scale international contest, so people get carried away and send SMS; but hey, who am I to judge that?...).

Place Country SMS Price
Amazon Brazil 0.42 BRL (0.25$)
Angel Falls Venezuela Phone Vote (Int.)
Bay of Fundy Canada 0.25 Can. $ (0.25$)
Black Forest Germany Phone Vote (Int.)
Bu Tinah Island UAE 2 AED (0.55$)
Cliffs of Moher Ireland 0.30€ (0.43$)
Dead Sea Jordan 0.06 JD (0.09$)

Palestine 1 NIS (0.28$)
El Yunque Puerto Rico Phone Vote (Int.)
Galapagos Ecuador Phone Vote (Int.)
Grand Canyon USA Phone Vote (Int.)
Great Barrier Reef Australia 0.55 Aus. $ (0.59$)
Halong Bay Viet Nam Phone Vote (Int.)
Iguazu falls Argentina 1.5 AR $ (0.36$)

Brazil 0.42 BRL (0.25$)
Jeita Grotto Lebanon 0.10$
Jeju Island Korea 150 KW (0.14$)
Kilimanjaro Tanzania Phone Vote (Int.)
Komodo Indonesia 1.00 IDR (0.0001$)
Maldives Maldives Phone Vote (Int.)
Masurian Lake District Poland 1 PLN (0.33$)
Matterhorn/Cervino Italy/Switzerland Phone Vote (Int.)
Milford Sound New Zealand Phone Vote (Int.)
Mud Volcanoes Azerbaijan Phone Vote (Int.)
PP Underground River Philippines 2.50 PHP (0.06$)
Sundarbans Bangladesh 2.00 BDT (0.03$)
Table Mountain South Africa 2.00 R (0.26$)
Uluru Australia 0.55 Aus. $ (0.59$)
Vesuvius Italy Phone Vote (Int.)
Yushan Taipei 10 NTD (0.34$)

Surprisingly, Lebanon's SMS rate of 0.10$ per SMS ranks #5 (after Indonesia 0.0001$/SMS, Bengladesh 0.03$/SMS, Philippines 0.06$/SMS and Jordan 0.09$/SMS).

Which brings me to my question, since it (reducing telecom charges) can be done for Jeita, to win a vain contest, can't it be done for the sake of the Lebanese people all year long? You know the people who vote for the politicians, who get paid the minimum wage (which we still are unsure of its final value), who wait for a raise but simultaneously expect a raise in the prices of goods...

After all, there are things more important than Hummus, Jeita Grotto and the 30-minute drive from the Beach to the Mountain.

3ishtum wa 3asha Lubnan.



New Nokia Tune

The next 10 million Nokia devices will be ringing differently.

The classic Nokia tune (inspired from Francesco Tarrega's composition Gran Vals) is to be replaced by a dubstep modern version composed by DJ Valerio Alessandro Sizzi.

Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition

This new tune is a modernized version inspired from the classic Nokia ringtone.

Nokia Original Ringtone

Personally,  I didn't despise the new tune, it's just that I can't seem to feel comfortable hearing it ringing everywhere.
A cool modern tune (in my personal opinion) is the Samsung Tune:

Samsung's Tune