Looking At The Dimensions Of String Theory [VID]

I have come across those couple of YouTube videos, which try to briefly explain how to imagine superior dimensions (Based on an chapter of the book "The Tenth Dimension"). This is by no mean an explanation to the concepts of String Theory, but it helps to build up an idea about the complexity of these concepts and how to imagine them as three-dimensional existences.

Enjoy, and don't blame me for any brain explosion :-P



10 Commandments

Moses breaking the 10 commandments tablets
The Ten Commandments, have always been an important reference when it comes to morality issues and discussions.
Taking into consideration they have been available for a very long period of time in history, and since, undoubtedly human knowledge, habits and social behavior have changed in a large extent, these commandments could be modernized to have a more humanist and global ethics system.
Quoted is an attempt to reach this goal (as seen in original post):
1- Proclaim the natural dignity and inherent worth of all human beings, in all places and in all circumstances.
2- Respect the life and property of others at all times.
3- Practice tolerance and open-mindedness towards the choices and life styles of others.
4- Share with those who are less fortunate and mutually assist those who are in need of help.
5- Use neither lies, nor spiritual doctrine, nor temporal power to dominate and exploit others.
6- Rely on reason, logic and science to understand the Universe and to solve life's problems, avoiding superstitions, which numb the mind and are an obstacle to thinking for oneself.
7- Conserve and improve the Earth's natural environment – land, soil, water, air and space – as humankind's common heritage.
8- Resolve differences and conflicts cooperatively without resorting to violence or to wars.
9- Organize public affairs according to individual freedom and responsibility, through political and economic democracy.
10- Develop one's intelligence and talents through education and effort, in order to reach fulfillment and happiness, for the betterment of humanity and of future generations.

Source: Global Ethics