Why Monkeys Haven't Evolved?

Typical human evolution by natural selection chart
Evolution by natural selection is most controversial of all ideas for understanding the natural life surrounding us. Proposed by Charles Darwin in his 1859 book On The Origins Of Species, its advocates (mainly of scientific and/or non-religious backgrounds) find the most extraordinary discovery a human has ever made; its advocates (mainly/strictly of religious and/or fundamentalist backgrounds) find it absurd and disrespectful to their deity or systems of beliefs.

One of the arguments given against evolution is "If humans evolved from monkeys. then why are there still monkeys?".

To start with, Darwin didn't state that monkeys are the direct ancestors of human beings in the evolutionary context. This misconception dates back to the case of John T. Scopes, who was prosecuted by Tennessee state for teaching human evolution in the famous Scopes Trial, where the claim was raised by the prosecution attorney to gain public support.

Nevertheless, below an infographic from the Berkeley's 'Understanding Evolution' page that explains this nuance.

(as seen on Moniks: Unleashed)

Monkeys haven't evolved like us, simply because humans didn't evolve from monkeys but from a common ancestor, if anything we evolved with them.


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