US Readership's Election Heat Map 2012

With the election day on November 6, and in a very interesting move, Amazon is providing an interactive heat map analyzing its best selling books in each US state, by assigning the label "red" (for Republican), "blue" (for Democrat) or neutral.
We classify books as red or blue if they have a political leaning made evident in book promotion material and/or customer classification, such as tags.

The map is updated on a daily basis.
We compute percentages, updated daily, for each state and the US by comparing the 250 best-selling blue books during the time period against the 250 best-selling red books during the same time period, including new book launches.

Interestingly, the map shows a growing interest in "red" book. If this can be of any significance, Republicans are more favored to win the elections than Democrats. But as the description by Amazon insists:
Books aren't votes, and a map of book purchases can reflect curiosity as much as commitment, but we hope our 2012 Election Heat Map will provide one way to follow the changing political conversation across the country during this election season.

Personally, I hope this is not an indicating criterion, because it demonstrates a rise of conservatism, and potentially extremism and fundamentalism, in the United States (a nation with a big role in the political events of the world).


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