The Steps To Remove Religious Sect From Lebanese Registry Records

On the eve of an extremely sectarian and divisive electoral process, in terms of electoral law or political discourse, I still strongly believe that boycotting the elections is the best solution true Lebanese citizens must adopt to protest the hijacking of their country by leaders from the Middle Ages. (previously discussed in the blog entry: A good Lebanese citizen must not vote).

Protest and boycott are excellent starters to the main course of obtaining a nation. But this is a long path to follow, in the goal of reaching the non-sectarian civil society we all dream of.

An important right, which not all Lebanese citizens are aware of it, is your right to remove your religious sect from civil registry records (حق شطب المذهب من القيد) which saw the light with Minister of Interior Ziyad Baroud in 2008/2009.

Fellow twitter user @AHAreej kindly shared with me the following valuable documents in response to my question about the legal proceedings of removing religious sect from records.

I believe it's recommended to have a lawyer, and well, to be very persistent and follow it up (due to terrible bureaucracy, you know).

Document 1: The legal research conducted by Ministry of Justice to confirm the validity of this right (download here):

Document 2: The form to be filled and submitted to دائرة النفوس (download here):

In a sectarian country such as Lebanon, the main concern following such move of removing your religious sect could have some consequences like jeopardizing marriage or inheritance rights, some civil rights like voting or public office. The following 2 documents are a sort of a quick FAQ on these issues explaining the basis of legally defending those rights after removing your sect (download here and here):

As beautifully depicted in the previous FAQ document, a Lebanese after removing his sect information, is no longer a number in a sect, but a Citizen.


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